The Big Day – A deadline thriller

Published today (10th of June, 2022) my new book:

Note: It is an 80-page pocketbook-sized short story.

Where to get your own copy:

Ebook (kindle)


Short description:

In this short story, we follow Mac, a retired Army man from Scotland, who now runs a farm in the Arctic part of Sweden. But he still runs another business on the side, an international service to make wishes come true. This totally anonymous business is a lucrative one but the wishes he fulfills are of a deadly nature.

One day, Mac is approached on his dark web website with a request that would make a wish come true for tenths of parents of murdered children. Accepting the request will also solve a decades-long dilemma for the Norwegian government and Norwegian society.

While as a rule always working alone, this unusual request poses impossible difficulties for Mac. He is about to reject the request. But then inside help is offered. Can the informant be trusted? How good is his or her information? Can Mac accept the request? If so, should he accept?

With Mac’s business conducted in total anonymity, what is the catch? Will Mac be able to do what he is asked to do?

Follow in Mac’s trail to perhaps an unexpected conclusion.